1. Can we start playing immediately after being registered?

Answer: after submitting an application form, the applicant will be directed to their PayPal account to pay the annual subscription fee of $150. during this time they can play as much games as possible and earn the Cash Reward granted to achieve the expected goals at the levels provided

2. How much can a player recieve after being registered?​

Answer: The sky is the limited; When the initial fee is paid, the player has the opportunity to play as much games as possible for 30 days. The smallest amount payable is $50.00 for the first level and that amount goes up for every completed level thereafter. The more levels you are able to complete the more money you will make; it’s all up to you. If a player is able to complete one level per day, it is highly likely that player could be making over $2,000.00 altogether in a month. 

3.Do we have to pay to play after paying the initial fee?

Answer: After paying the initial fee, the member will not have to pay anything else for the entire year, they are only expected to be rewarded a minimum of $200 to sustain their account, any amount earned over that $200 can be withdrawn whenever they like. 

4. What happens if my account does not have the minimum balance of $200 on the due date?

Answer: Every 30 days as of the initial payment date the minimum balance of $200 will be cleared from the players wallet to facilitate sustaining the account for the next 30 days . A 1 day grace period will be honored, If the payment is not made by the end of that day the account will go into a suspension mode and the payment will be deducted from any funds in your account wallet, if there is insufficient funds available, the account will be suspended and if by chance the player uses the site and win any rewards, that and any other activity would be voided. The user will have to physically pay the initial amount of $150 to reinstate the account. Only funds earned after the reinstatement will be considered for servicing the account or withdrawals

5. I don’t have a PayPal account, can I use any other source of payment

Answer: While PayPal or Payoneer are our payment solution of choice because of the security measures they offers to their clients, we will be open to consider other means. We highly recommend opening an account with one of these payment solutions as they allows for a better means of transparency, accountability and security for all.

For other concerns, please send us an email at or via our contact page